Gluten Free

My daughter develop scary (and scarier) tummy issues in her teen years.  Eventually we took out wheat and it all went away.  I also went gluten free and immediately all bloating and mild arthritis went away.  Welcome to the world of WTF IS GOING ON.

Celiac and wheat allergies are on the rise.   Turns out this little radioactive love child from the 50’s is also a cause of pretty much everything else we suffer from, including cancer.

Just read the f—-ing article: Dr. Helke Ferrie

And just so you know, cooking with replacement grains is a pain in the ass at first, but it gets more fun as you go.  You get to know the personality and properties of the different grains & nut flours.  It’s a hugely growing online bank of recipes.  After a few years of this journey I’ve started to have fun with it.

Here’s some of my discoveries:

rice flour recipes need to sit for a bit before baking (the rice flour is gritty tasting unless it soaks up the moisture before baking)

Don’t mess with almond meal recipes:they are perfect as they are (unless they’re contain stevia as the sweetener – I hate that stuff – just use GMO sugar – it’s a harmless plant too!!!)

Oat flour (ground up minute oats) are a pretty good substitute for a lot of other grains

I’m currently in love with buckwheat flour

Bob’s Red Mill products are the BOMB.  I love his pancake recipe better than any other pancake recipe ever.  Seriously.   I also love his (their’s, it’s a cooperative now) pizza dough, brownies, and bread mix.

Almond flour recipes are stupid expensive.  It’s a protein packed treat, but don’t think it’s the only alternative to wheat.