On a rainy day in August 2017, I sat down with my husband and watched Cowspiracy and What the Health.  I’ve been vegan ever since.

These documentaries are both available on Netflix, so unless you live in Ontario’s North and have shitty access to the internet and hence have to buy any movie you want to watch, just go watch them on Netflix.

So, here’s the most memorable facts from that day:

51 % of global warming is due to cows.  What they eat, how we grow their food, their farts and poop, and all the forest destroyed thanks to cows.  They are also the cause of  water pollution way more than humans.

METHANE is what cows make.  If we stopped producing all methane today, it takes 10 years to cycle out of the environment.   Carbon takes 100 years.  So if we all went vegan we’d stop global warming.   It’s easier, faster, and nicer than the slow shift to renewables.

PUS is in all dairy products.  All cows have nasty-ass MASTITIS.  They all live in MISERY and so do their babies.  I’ve seen a small, local dairy.  It’s marginally better than the big commercial ones.   No excuses ‘small scale farmers’.  Baby cow growth food was NEVER good for humans.  Ever.

Your body doesn’t know how to process eggs.  The fat just coats your arteries, like, immediately.   One egg = smoking 5 cigarettes.   Nice.

CANCER….apparently a vegan blood system cures it.  Cure.  My mother died of cancer.  This part of What the Health made me cry.  Still does.


These are the effects of one month on a plant based diet:

I’ve lost 10 pounds, mostly in ass-fat.

I feel happy all the time

My heart palpitations, mild arthritis, and daily bouts of lethargy are GONE (poof!)

Call me a big hippie, but my aura feels energized, lighter…..

I am having way fun making vegan recipes