I recently learned of 10×10 festivals.  So fun!  I wrote Woman In The Cave that very day. It’s attached here: Woman In The Cave.   Please do let me know if you want to produce it 😉

I wrote Emelia Sees when I was 21.  It was my first time writing something start to finish that had been whispering in my head for years. Emelia came to me as a seed, one intense scene, when I was about 19, driving on a country back road from Midland to Newmarket.

She is young woman growing up in a village in Africa, as western colonialsim starts to infiltrate.  She lives through trauma, and denies the mantle of her destiny (to be the village Medicine woman).  There are many scenes with archetypal characters, most importantly Gaia herself, whom Emelia visits during a spirit journey.

I started re-writing Emelia Sees as set on a more modern-day reserve in Northern Canada…but life got in the way, and I worried about cultural appropriation.  Ideally, this would get work-shopped with an aboriginal drama troupe.

I also have Lover, unwritten, but complete in my head.  I considered writing it as a radio play for a while, but it’s too complex a story now, and deserves to be a full stage play.  It’s about 4 students sharing a house in a Universtiy/College town.  Math whiz (female) – Jen.  Giant young Ukranian goofball going to clowning college.  Petite Hindu 1st gen Canadian, taking philosphy at the University.  They all are changed in dramatic ways as their fourth roommate, a female philosophy student haunted by her cell-phone boyfriend, travels toward insanity and a suicide attempt.  I think it will have to wait to be written, will demand a lot of undivided attention.

I also have a partially-conceptualized play that I don’t spend time growing.  She is such a weakling to her techno-macho boyfriend, but she wakes up while the rest of them don’t notice.  I think it’s title might be, ‘untitled’ .  

If I ever get paid to write, and time/synchronicity allows, I’d love to hash out my opera idea, “The Hive“.  Yes, all the characters are bees.