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Occupy This: Determined teenagers defy the richest 0.0001%  by igniting an Occupy The Forest revolution to save orangutans, gorillas, tigers, and other jungle species from extinction.

Heaven’s Earth: Too busy to spend time with her autistic brother, a gifted grad student’s online gaming bot does the trick, until it goes AI and her little brother becomes Public Enemy #1.  

Roots of Magic  As Earth awakens the fifth dimension, and elves rise to the surface to destroy humanity, can a misfit boy and his new best friend overcome a millenia of evil spells?

 Evan:  A disturbed ex-cop and his siblings gather on the family farm to reconcile with the death of their abusive father.  

Atomic Heights: Fifteen years after the Fall, a survivalist teenager battles radioactive mutants on snowmobiles.  

Wizard: Covens of witches, armies of elves, and clouds of fairies try to manipulate a depressed modern-day wizard because he holds everyone’s fate in his hands – but does Griffin even care?

The Name of Godwhich is copyright infringement on the Tomb Raider franchise, because, yes, I wrote the third movie back in 2009.  So sue me.  I didn’t even know Copyright law governed this stuff back then, I just wrote a Totally Wicked story.  Angelina will love it.  


The Other War: In the backdrop to the war of 1812, aboriginal shapeshifters battle a vampiric evil from the Old World.  

Sword in the Tree: 1190 Hospitaller knight must use a forbidden text to stop the Northern Crusades from murdering the people, and the woman, he’s come to love.  


Her Temple Forest: A lone gypsy runs from the scream in her head, because it is the harbinger of her impending doom.  

Senses: A blind cellist escapes her abusive marriage only to discover she has extra-sensory powers. 

Big Fattie’s Greenie: The life story of a fentanyl patch.

Hungry: A teenager struggles at school and with friends because there’s never any food in his house.  

I love writing shorts.  If you have an inspiring story that ‘speaks to me’, I’ll write you a short for free, just cred.


The Crystal Dragon  – this is actually my most massive enterprise. It is a franchise built off the ideas within Roots of Magic.  I envision a series of child friendly graphic novels.  There are 4 movies attached to this concept: Roots of Magic, and another set in Nigeria, one set in China, and another set in India.  They all take place in current time.  I am currently conceptualizing the second movie/graphic novel, and the franchise as a whole.  

American Viper – An American soldier captured in Afganistan converts to Islam, and is forced to act as a double agent when he gets back home.  

Break – Poverty can not stop a young man from rising up the ranks of mixed martial arts, until he takes on the UFC franchise itself.  

Closing Date – A dysfunctional family has five days to pack up and get out (Comedy). 

Diamond – A Cree woman from an impoverished native community in James Bay carries her heartaches and healing with her as she travels the globe seeking revenge for the murder of her lover over a giant diamond taken from the DeBeers Victor Diamond Mine – the source of mercury poisoning in her village.  

Hadrian’s Wall –  The story of Rome’s greatest and yet most unsung Emperor and his one female lover, the Pict warrior-queen Beirgut.