Book of Shadows

Book of Shadows

Play of Light

Burn me through

This neon night

You candle wick

what flame doth burn

reveal my soul’s secret

For what do I yearn?

Know Thy Self: the Priestess command

But personalities pass thorugh me

like grains of sand

I am the hourglass

The sand and the sea

I am the ocean

This flame breathes for me

Book of Shadows

Midnight rune

The wind and I dance

beaneath the moon

I am the wick

I am the wax

And in this life

nothing lacks

Certainty fills me

A circle pure

I am a gift from the heavens

My soul will endure

Book of Shadows

Play of Light

Candle burns

A grateful life.


Bright the light

that shatters down me

Splinter Green and Blue

Sol the Sun that burns

and comforts

‘Till day’s work is done

Money, she tells

me to get up

She tells me to go to work

A job I don’t like

Make-up a mask

for a face full of shame

Hiding the biggest part of me

The part that wants a job

that refuses to pay

any money


Heavens of piled up

cotton balls of cloud

pink puffs and light purple whiffs

horsetails streaming

in a race of sunset fun

a whole celestial sky

opened awesome above us

Divinity overwhelming in movement.


AS i walked through those whispering timbers, I hushed my thoughts so I could hear the wind speak to me.  The rustle of leaves through the treetops in waves, in patterns, was sentient, the unknowaable source of the Speaker, its message of a  mystery being passed on to me, through me, fresh air filling my lungs.  I want to be outside always.

When promise happened

the day I was born

there were icicles hanging

from silent craggy trees

Pisces girl

a child of dreams


 you will encompass the world

And unknown

A silent prelude play.



Your intelligence is your foundation

Your beauty a boon,

But your creativity is your currency

in this life

Take it with you

everywhere you go,

Exercise it every day.

Give it away as a gift

in little ways

all the time,

And know that we love you

because you are.