A river, an ocean
An artery, a vein
It’s all made of water
We’re one and the same.
What I put in the water
I put in my self
And I want to be shiny
I want to have health.
A river, a bathtub
a toilet, a stream
the lifeblood
of water
that flows in between

Gaia. Gaia.

Take me into your forest mind

Gaia.  Gaia

Make me as Artemis, your handmaid

Gaia    Grandmother

Remind me I’ll be a part of you one day

Gaia    Gaia

You don’t forgive.  You don’t forget

Gaia    Gaia

Endurance, Change, Grandeur

Your form is endless

You recreate your own purity

Gaia         Gaia

I’m so sorry, Gaia.