Oh Christmas

Oh, Christmas

You liar, you thief

You gluttonous, brainless trickster

You cold, miserable pauper

You greedy bastard

No father to claim you

A single mother on welfare

Who steals to fulfill your wailing demands

Oh, Christmas,

You guilty clown

You warm toasty oven-filled

Goodie, sugared, baked, shared.

Family, harmony, peace.

Oh, Christmas.


Your oceans are so poisoned

Your beautiful waters marred by sonic pings

And oil blooms

Floating nets like giant erasers

Wiping out life


Oh Gaia

Where are you?

Where have you gone?

Wake up, wake up, Mother

And punish us for having hurt you so.

Punish us, kill us,

Wipe us out so we can’t hurt you anymore.

Oh Capitalism

Oh, Capitalism

You stillborn zombie

There is no life in you,

yet you operate,

You devour,

You grow.

A parasitic devil

You live in each of us –

We are powerless to deny you.

Oh, Capitalism,

What magical elixir

might exorcise your pestilence,

Your evil worm from our hearts and minds

No potion strong enough

can tame your hunger.

Where is the King, the Queen

The shining Knight

The oracular genius

The philosopher impetus

To open a new path

Devoid of your destructive ways.

Where is she?  Where is he?

Oh, they shout from the mountains,

Hundreds, thousands

Shining Rainbow warriors

But your disease

Has stoppered our ears

With a pound of wax in each

A putrid mass all the way to our minds

And we can not change

Away from you

Oh Capitalism.

Monday, July 1st, 2013

Oh, Canada Day.

Oh, Canada, you shirker of responsibility

You host of tax dodging foreign-owned


You Petro Dollar

You once proud, once free,

You sit there on your couch

You aren’t informed

You don’t care to be.

Oh, Canada –

Fracking on the East Coast

Ring of Fire, broken ground

and poisoned lakes.

Your promise to the Cree

And all of their relations

And to the Dene, the Siksika,

The Plains Cree, the Assiniboine

A landscape of black tar death

A slow cancer murder

Tumorous fish, sickened animals

The mighty Athabasca Delta lands

Tarnished beyond recognizing.

Oh, Canada.

Oh Canada, your melted north

Innu ghosts and white bear waifs

Permafrost defrosted

Runaway methane dispersal

Oh Canada

the caribou herds

Run a gauntlet of distractions

The new north

invasive species – road and truck

Oh Canada

A paved floodplain

A silent memorial to

where Buffalo once thundered.

Oh Canada

Every forest trembles before thee

Every tree a potential victim

to your saws, your mills

your mighty economy

That scion of productivity

For Sale!

Oh Canada

precarious waters

Shaking salmon

Oh Canada, crowded on the cliff edge

With a shout,

a cry of “More!”

We tumble

Free fall

So strong,

such a glorious end

Oh Canada


A daisy


A black-eyed susan

A purple and yellow violet

A pansy all gay blues and whites

A strong red geranium

A sensitive impatient

weary at night

A tender trumpet

Of morning glory

periwinkle blue

So many joys of colour

An easy friendship

with the world

That’s our Jill

We always loved her

And, Lord,

We always will.