Tin Anniversary

You stand


A giant white pine silhouette

On my midnight shoreline lake of dreams



A wind curls my surface

Entwined, we are happy

For the pinks and golds of sunrise



Your song is always with me

Playful enjoyment

On the path of my days.


Ode to Self

There are so many facets

of a much-cut jewel

And when the light breaks through

too many layers,

the kaleidoscope of possiblities

is kind of confusing.

Disoriented, I

wonder where to go next

but one beam shines

singular, pure,

it leads the others

collects them

focused, whole

I am a writer.

For better or worse

I am a writer.



All the best moments

All the best energies

All the best friends

All the best intentions

All the best outcomes

Richness abounds

Cup of joy is full

Queen of fairness

laughter and


Ever proud and sure.