Medea’s New Moon

She keeps a locket in her pocket

She keeps a doorstep by her bell

She throws rainbows out in winter

She is a porpoise swimming through hell

Watch her surface into springtime

Watch her surface breath the wind

Watch her jump right into wilderness

Watch her dive down and continue to swim

Her best friend is a white beluga whale

Their playground is the devil’s chair

They don’t know that their daddies love them

That they pull his heart strings with the braids of their hair

But watch them turn now swimming in anger

Daddy’s eyes,  Christ’s pain the devil’s chair

They hum a tune way way deep below all that

They hum a song that sees everything FAIR

Happy Happy Happy she is always happy

How does she do it with her constant smile

She must know that hell is only a dreamland

When she grows up she will love her daddy well

Happy Happy Happy she is always happy

Constant smile, constant spin, constant turning tail

Her orbit comes right from the galactic centre

And empties into earth’s little fishing pail

Watch her surface into springtime

Watch her surface breath the wind

Watch her grab the hand of the wilderness

Still holding on she dives down and continues to swim

Peace on earth Peace in our souls

Christ love, devil’s chair and daddy’s grin

The humming is heard in all our ears now

White beluga and the porpoise forever swim

Post Chopra

On the edge of the ocean

My feet forget the sand

My skin feels not the wind

My mind hears not itself

I am invisible spirit

Yet the sea, she sees me still.

Across her wave forms my spirit flies

Entering darkness I knock on no doors

Yet a spark opens slightly and bursts into flame

That flashes through everything

And then lands in my heart

With my mind still within it

My skin still around it

And my feet still in its sand.


In solitude, the birdsong rings

A solemn place of special things

Of Manitou spirits on invisible wings.

Every day these legs walk around

I visit this cozy, wind-swept water town

And my energies bob, now up, now down

I eat quite a bit, so I’m never hungry

I sleep quite a bit, so I’m never tired

I day-dream quite a bit, so I’m never quite bored.

I’m ready, I’m willing, for the future, I’m wired

Open your cupboard, start throwing me what you’ve stored

I’ll grab stock by stalk, I’ll eat the whole load

And after you’ve shown me my life and my soul

I’ll haunt your holy places, right into the snow

Silly me, with the birdsong, right here and now, you blow.


Quietly, I feel a sunshine space

And though tears fall in the chamber of my heart

And my head is full of images of my lost love’s face

A crow flies by and tells me I am beautiful in the sight of God

Gift-giver, seed-bringer, web-master, life-liner

Shoulder me past anguish, lonliness, despondancy

Walking straight and tall, like a deer in the forest

My spirituality is self-contained

and it spreads effortlessly by Your guidance

Though tears oft’ fall in the chambers of the heart

And the head is full of images of lost love’s face

I feel a sunshine space.

New Mother

A new mother now

Smother, brother, beaming brow

Bewitching, twitching, trying not to bitching

Holding, loosing, making rules.

Swathing, bathing, teaching how to shave things,

Morality a lesson-book, helping him to read.

Surety, I know he loves me,

The soul within that little seed

But still I question that same old song

Was it right for me to breed?

My Garden

Sweat-pea, gentle

Warm wind waters

The soft ground down

Sun flower showers

Golden beaming,

Sun rays streaming

Tomatoes growing

Wild flowers blowing

Mint, by the house side

Beckons trillion tea times

Zucchini hides from all those sunshines.

Strange beings buzzing

Gather honey, golden money

All the petals brighten

Heavy stems do bend.

Blue sky watches

As the garden gets big

As the earth worms dig

Pregnant waiting

For harvest moon hands

Sweat-pea trembling

As warm wind waters down


I face the future from the past

Locked in a nothing-filled now

Having forfeited hold of the reigns

I handed them over to an egg shell

I think: I am two of us, for the next twenty years.

As I squish his little home in the yogic plow

Surrounded by ghosts I choose to choose life

Though the path stretches lonely, though I bid ‘daddy’ farewell.

And all of these friends, family and foes

All think the same – they call me insane

“Who would do such a thing” – “she did it on purpose”

And I will laugh, my joy plain to see

I did it on purpose, I did it for me!

Uncertainty, fear, cut loose from conformity

Hurtling, an asteroid, burning through the spheres

And where will this pregnant rock have home?

Where will she suckle her reckless spirit?

Faith, remain faithful in the oneness of God

Though seeming a strange monster to all of these peers

This force upholds, thus shield makes me bold

This truth makes me smile, may I always remember it.


Walking on drying bones,

Listening to demons,

I remember the time

When I first heard her cry,

Was it in the Garden of Eden?

Or was it lifting the latch of the Pandora Box

I’m just so damn sick of this woman’s shame.

And this mother-fucking destruction of nature.

Just get a hold of yourself

Honour these seven things –

the North, the East

the South

the West. The Earth, The Sky and beyond,

The Self.


Little chunks of brain

Are strewn across this road

Pearls of wisdom each

Each a child

Hands let go

To tell the world

Their separate stories

Despite the fact

They are but one

In little Sentences

Cold Shudder quick,

A bulb flashes crashes

Meaning over

    Period ends.

Reading Cards

He is the King of Diamonds

He touches the corner of the four of hearts,

Companion to my Ace of Clubs

Housing the Ace of Hearts.

He is beyond the King of Clubs

Seven chance

Seven chance

The eight of spades guards

The fours keep time

Three of spades says change

Ten of spades end change

Here he lies, King of Diamonds,

I know him because I

  am the Ace of Diamonds

  and the question was

“Do I have a soul mate

Someone I love as much, as well as

  I want to love myself?”

The question is answered

And the answer is yes

Only the three and the six of hearts separate us

Then he will be revealed.  

I am walking on this round round road

It does not feel like I am going in circles

From Michael

Moonlit crystal

Frozen wreathing

Trickling in rivulets

Down spine and arm

Glowing, catching sunlight

Crystal crystal shines bright

Turning in sedateness and happiness

She knows.



O smile gently

 ‘pon my face.

Do slowly fetch

 My kerchief, lace.

Sit idly by, hand in hand

 In yonder field

 And looking out tell me

 Of thy only Father’s race.

Of women and men, tribes,

 races, and kings

Let me sit by your hearth.


May you teach me to read

May we wander the ages

May you plant a seed

May our progeny prevail

In sinless good deeds

In honour of God

The Creator, the life-force, the judge

A Saviour in an hour of need

Sustaining force, a part

 of our lives, Divine Love

 pour from you eyes

 as you look upon my face.

My Material Mind

We are all just

riding the gene pool

sifting in the molecules

dreaming through our accidents

rolling over time

Shape, the wind shifts

Energy becomes me

Nothingness is emptyness

Leaves turn to gold here in my mind

Coil surrounds me

It’s in me, it is me

Supper at midnight

May poison me blind

And now in my strickenness

My emptyness my nothingness

I find myself at last

I find myself kind

In peacefulness

Strange, knowing this

The pupil is the spirit

And the iris is the mind.

And all within a water bowl

This me-ness is a shrine.

After Us

Achingly, a memory-face besieges

Prompted by another one’s touch

Leave me Juxtaposed ‘tween fake and real

Long lost past and needing now

A foreign feel, a hold so hard

Imaginings all blasted away

Immersed in the moment

I’m no longer burning in embers of shame

Freely, please take me

Chasing the shadows

In your blasting furnace

Recreate at least the glaze

This mold, this me remains


The rationalization

Your love is possessive

I don’t want to be possessed

You don’t want to talk to my face

You want to squish it into yours

I would rather speak than be squished.

You think you can program me

Like one of your machines

And you can.

You compare me to music

Romanticising, this happiness is
Plasticized and, unspoken,
Truth turns to stagnant air in
Dusty vials and jars
As our karma gets played out on
Telephone lines you slowly start to
Shrink away.  Your eyes turn elsewhere,
Your heart grows new skin
My hair turns a sunset gold
And as I recede, you achieve,
You succeed.
Triumphantly, stare back at me
Don’t look for me
I’m not want you need
And I don’t think I can ever be
‘Cause I need me
And when I’m Us we’re We.

Hymn to Demeter

Intelligently brilliant, she shone out like a beacon
A mainstream force, she created life,
A crowning ship, she withheld strife.
Her breath bore me to a holy place, her strife taught me to respect it.
She hears me now as I hymn her praise
She haunts me if I forsake it

It is for  Our Mother that I compose, and I know it to be her.
A grain she sent me, a fairy to my mind, a seed of life that forms the clay of your seats tonight.
She brought me into this her planet, she allowed Wind and life-force to enter my lungs.
She liaughs at the rain.
It’s heaven feeding her, her brothers and sisters, her Husband, All Thundering Zeus.

In Dryness now, she cracks in pain
In heat we make her suffer.
With stupid acts we tear her flesh, and poison the wind,
Forgetting our humility,
For doomed are we to descend,
Or, only perhaps to rise up,  if allowed, by an alternate reality
Which we deserve due to good deeds in this life.
Be warned, the gods do punish, and Hades is granted our flesh.
However, for some, an illusion doth appear, at death the life-force swirls,
The Mother comes to rest your skin, and grant you quiet repose.

Why do we forsake her now.
Have we forgotten how to laugh or mourn?
Have we forgotten thanks and reciprocity?
There is such a place as Harmonious Balance
May the Father of the Gods, Ouranous himself  be pleased with us enough to smile.

And His son, Atlas, through Iapetus and Asia
Is rooted in to her His Grandmother, a pillar of strength,
Unless, we poison him with sulphuric rain.

We must stop Rooting into out Mother,
Like insects straining to return to Hell.
Straightening out the circle of life, we tear at the bridges between us and the heavens
Psychotically  tipping disfavour to our side.
Draining her Blood so we can poison our Grandfather’s rain.
We truly mark the end of this Age of Kali
When children do forsake their parents, and the divine do have distaste for us.
May this cloud of ignorance fall to the ground of the earth as leaves do in the autumn.

Shed your ignorance, and allow her her restful peace in the winter months,
As she awaits the arrival of  joy, flowering daughter, the ever faithful, and thoughtful Persephone.

Sit and enjoy, though the clay may be hard, feel free to get up and stretch, if need be,
The play comes in threes, but Eight she through the wheel she  sees
And laughing, I greet her through the rain on the trees.

Farewell, dear Mother,
Great Ge, I honour thee.
who houses, I pray, my own mother’s bones,
I sing now, of  Ge’s handmaid,
Emelia who, with wings, and big eyes, came to this earth, encased in a seed
Which the mother of us both bade the wind drop in my mind.
Flower, she has, let her fragrances surround you
Let her agonies disturb you
Let her Healings pursue you, Enjoy.

Hymn to Dionyseus
Sprinkle dazzle tisslw tasslw
Spinning twirol toed
Whirling, wingèd ode

Pin me to your jeweled robe

Gliding Eastwardly we home abode
On Earth we trode
The sparkling road
And broad, high banks
Strong waves on those walls, battered, Ne’er broke
Yet once she strode, in enormous rains of old, we’re told.

We came out of caves and lived by the sea.
A God was he, who learnèd me.
Dionysues, the God of Grapes, and his terrible Bacchae nymphs
Did feast in my vinery, caught in the bushes by my house,
And in awe did I cower in fear of them.
Yet the Nylein Zeus did prettily pity me.
He brought me no grapes of wrath
He did pass me some wine, and invite me to dine, and bade me
“Please, comfortably sit”

And sit I did, and dine with wine, and partake in most glorious design
The Bachae grew thin,
And the fires did brim with revel and high, trim tripplings of joy

Yet the marvel did dim
And the women grew grim
So I simply did turn, and say to him,
“My lord, My lord, have you any gin?”
He gave me a grin,
And he chucked my chin,
He taught me the art of the vine.
Muses, I thank thee this song.