1988 (I was 14)


I have seen a loon
saturated with oil.

The embryo of  Hiroshima
crying in turmoil

Feel the innocents
blister in the gas chambers

Hear the green forest
in the glowing red embers

White poison prick
the virgin blood stream

A consecrated smack
and an innocents’ scream.

The last skin
is harpooned in the park.

What is that cry in the dark?


I wish I were a bird writing love songs in the sky.
Together we could try to reach the very highest high.


Stay with me, oh quickly passing childhood
And we will walk together in the adult neighborhood.
Will you let me keep a part of you
Will your careless ways colour these dreary days.
Let me have a piece of you to keep me sane.
Let me grow old but still use your creative ideas.
For I don’t think I can bear for us to be parted.
Oh quickly passing childhood, please — don’t go!


Under a Full Moon

I make love to the moon
With a silver-sweet kiss
As the stars rush down to meet
the sea.
I ride the waves by night —
searching endlessly
For the man I will love with a
moon in he.