I have one novel half finished, Corrinne, set 1656-67 buccanier times in England and the Carib Islands.

Corrinne’s story started coming to me in the year of that song, you know ‘Captian of her Heart‘.  TOtally an 80’s tune.  Anyway, Corrinne became so much more than an ordinary story.  She grows up in the most bloody, vicious society humanity has ever known: les bouccanniers of 1660-1670 Carib shores and waters.

I finally put pen to paper in 2001-2003.   My daughter Hanna, now 17, was about 2 at the time.  It was the ‘cocoon time’ of motherhood.

I have the first four chapters, and it’s long.  I truly have not looked at this story since 2005.  I didn’t write again until 2007, when I launched into the screenplays you’ll find on my Stage32 site.

Anyway, if you want to peruse ‘Corrinne’, you’ll have to contact me via email (see my bio page).  It’s not copyrighted, it’s still in its original first draft stage.

Teaser, taken randomly from the 5th page of Chapter One: The Englishman, Daniel Lovelace, has finally brought his sea-sick wife and devilishly curious child onto shore.  To appease his wife, they visit a hat stall, and M. Lovelace haggles with the stall-keeper….

As the two reached a final price she offered to include a long, thick, silky pink ribbon to be tied about the waist of the little girl’s dress.  As he turned to his family, Mrs. Lovelace kissed him with ardour she had not shown him in weeks.  Hence the hat was worth every centime.  Little Corrine viciously fought against the ribbon, hence he was glad it had been for free.

Some day, I’ll write Jumping Fences.  It’s set in the 80’s, New York.  A disturbed but beautiful young model goes to an early ‘rave’ and falls in with terrorists.  It’s complete in my head.

Some day, I’ll write ‘Broken Wings’.  It’s set in the Grand Canyon.  It’s a novel for the youth audience.  It’s about a lonely girl who falls over the edge, and mysteriously finds herself on the native reserve on the other side of the canyon.

Some day, I’ll write Taygete.  It’s been with me since I was a girl.  When ‘Cloud Atlas’ came out I was pissed off, because I felt they’d somehow stolen my idea.  This story is better.  Maybe I’ll write it as a movie.  It’s complete in my head.  She’s pretty patient.