Reality – a philospher’s treatise

An Explanation For My Dinner Guests

When asked how I explain what’s going on when I do a Tarot reading, I described my perception of reality thusly:

I envision two discs of Universe size proportion.  Both are rather flat, dark, grey or misty black, and exist on the same plane.  These are the disc of the Future and the disc of the Past.  They are dreamy places, full of all things etheric:  spirits, angels, devils, souls, hungers, memories, aliens, envies, resentments, fairies, ideals, Gods, theories.   One disc circles clockwise and the other counterclockwise so that, in a way, they are circling in the same direction.

Where the two disks touch in not just a singularity. It is a moment of such intense energy – it is the present moment.  Now.  A little electrical blue oval surrounding the moment of touch between these universe size discs.  Few of us live at that little precise moment of perfect contact, perfect NOW.  Many of us live a bit behind it, a bit in the past.   And so many of us live ahead of that moment, well into the future, always preoccupied, getting ready for, preparing, sussing it out.   All the etheric thoughts and souls and memories and spirits and entities that exist within the discs  try to influence our now.  But our little oval of Now burns too bright for these airy bits of fluff to be of much consequence to us.

However, some of us existent within this electrical buzz of reality, some of us can reach out into the misty greyness of the etheric discs – both Future disc and Past disc.  For me, this is Tarot.  For though I said a moment ago that all that is within the discs is not of much consequence to us in the now, I take it back. For the Now, our reality, is only created because these discs exist.  Our Now is entrely created by them and their contents, it’s just that our experience is so different it’s hard to see these connections.  That is the mystical experience. When one exists in the perfect, precise Now moment and suddenly the noise and action of our buzzy, full, material NOW becomes so much more… is the strange byproduct of whole universes of etheric, spiritual entities….all of them interested in us, but also not, independent, and so strange, so other than us, yet we are entirely made of them.  

One can never recover from a mystical experience.  Once the connections to the etheric realms are established, the spiritual entities like to keep them open, and often so do we.  To hold a wider sense of identitiy during this walk in the Now is to increase our enjoyment of it.  And so I do.