Sarah Gabrielle Baron was born on February 26, 1974 in Terrace Bay, Ontario, Canada

She grew up in Newmarket, Ontario (near Toronto).

Sarah lives on Manitoulin Island, Ontario, Canada.


B.A. in Politics & Indigenous Studies from Trent University

B.Ed. Queen’s University via the Aboriginal Teacher’s Education Program


Debahjehmujig Theatre: Searching for the Trickster in the 21st Century Short Story Contest (2005).  Scarecrow‘ was produced by dance legend Danny Grossman.

4elements ‘Rivers’ short story contest (2015).  ‘Nobel‘ won first prize. 

Stage32 Short Screenplay quarter finalist (2016) Her Temple Forest


7 completed feature screenplays

2 completed Television series bible, pilot, subsequent episodes

4 short screenplays

many short stories and poems


Teacher at Kenjgewin Teg since 2018.

Teacher with Rainbow District School Board since 2011.


Join Stage32 and reach Sarah through the community there!

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